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What is in a Name?

The Toronto Carrying Place Vista is proudly named after the Toronto Carrying Place Trail, a passageway along the Humber River between Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario.

Initially, the trail was used by First Nations peoples and later, by early European explorers. The Humber river meandered back and forth so much that it was easier to portage though the thick forests than to travel the entire route along the river way. For over a millennium, the Toronto Carrying Place Trail was for transportation and later on as a trade route for furs and other goods.

Once Toronto started to be permanently settled, the need for the Toronto Carrying Place Trail diminished significantly as Yonge Street was constructed and used as the new route connecting Toronto to Lake Simcoe and all the towns in between.

The Trail generally followed the high ground on the east side of the river valley - likely right by our new building.

The Carrying Place Building, like its rich history, serves as a symbol of progress. Like the European explorers, who created a path to a better living experience for themselves and the future generations to come - The Carrying Place at 2346 Weston Rd. will continue its rich legacy.

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