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HousingTo 2020-2030 Action Plan Sets Goals for number of housing units to be built.

C i t y o f T o r o n t o I n c e n t i v e s:

O p e n D o o r

  • Capital grant (RFP) issued once a year in spring rarely exceeding $20,000.

  • Development charges and permit fees on affordable units waived

  • Property tax exemption for up to 50 years

  • Access to CMHC National Housing

  • Co-Investment Fund

  • Section 37 funds with local councillor support – with units sometimes donated to a local non-profit

  • Developer req’d to submit an Access plan for larger developments

CreateTO Housing Now:

Targeted to developers with mandatory partnering with non-profits, supportive housing providers for affordable units.

  • Each site has a set of site-specific criteria

  • 17 sites released, RFP is issued

  • City contributes land at no cost for 99-year lease, nominal annual lease payment

  • Open Door incentives apply to affordable housing units

  • Percent of units at 40% below AMR-deeper affordability

C M H C I n c e n t i v e s:

Predevelopment Seed Grants andLoans (max $150,000 grant balance up to $500,000 loan)

  • Affordable Housing Innovation Fund: difficult to receive

  • National Housing Co-Investment Fund:

  • 2 per cent mortgage amortized over 50 years

  • Rental Construction Financing Initiative & Loan

  • Insurance: CMHC rate of 2 percent

  • Source:

O t h e r F u n d i n g S o u r c e s:

FCM / grant support for sustainable affordable

housing and energy efficiency


Download Full Presentation provided by:

Nancy Singer, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Kehilla Residential Programme

Affordable Housing Webinar - Final Prese
Download • 1.74MB

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