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Introducing MyRentalPad Radio Episode 1

Updated: May 2, 2020

In this episode Paul Chronis will talk about affordable housing in Toronto and in particular two special projects that are underway to combat some of the issues that are surrounding those most vulnerable: The Open Door Program and a very special building that has been approved for construction at 2346 Weston Rd called the Carrying Place Vista - built byPCM and managed by sister company, My Rental Pad. Listen to episode 1!

The Open Door Program

TheOpen Door Program is designed to assist the City in achieving the goals of its Housing OpportunitiesToronto: An Affordable Housing Action Plan 2010-2020 (HOT). The HOT Action Plan sets targets of 1,000 new affordable rental homes and 400 new affordable ownership homes annually. Find out more about this program here:

The Carrying Place Vista

A brand new construction coming to 2346 Weston Rd. will be an upscale affordable housing experience that will bring vibrance and life to the Weston area. This project will be a new standard in the rental market and will provide stability and sustainability for many Canadians who deserve higher standards at affordable rates.

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