Property Care And Management

The PCM Way

PCM Inc. – Property Care & Management - provides an innovative model that delivers unsurpassed service to tenants as well as developers/ investors. Throw out that image of a superintendent hiding in the basement apartment avoiding any repairs while the building slowly depreciates in financial value and tenant desirability. PCM Inc.’s proven model offers fresh thinking and puts the word ‘care’ in property management – where it belongs.

The model is quite simple.

Phase 1: Planning. Identify the target demographic and prepare conceptual and working drawings. Prepare a detailed project plan and budgets; work with the municipality and government officials.

Phase 2: Construction. Construct or renovate an energy-efficient, multi-residential building using a trained and loyal workforce with high-quality materials that will appeal to the target tenant market.

Phase 3: Tenant Onboarding. Use creative marketing and social media to attract the desired demographic and then select the best tenants using a proven and systematic approach.

Phase 4: Property Care & Management. Manage the care of the property using specialized on-line tools. Use the same trades as in Phase 2 to maintain and service as needed. Generally minimal maintenance is required because of the quality of materials and workmanship.

What is innovative is that the Project Construction & Management team. Inc. has extensive experience in building high-quality, low maintenance projects so that back-end service and maintenance is significantly reduced and comes with extended warranties that exceed industry standards. Historically, a builder would finish a project and then walk away. Another separate company would do the property management. In this model, PCM Inc. works hand-in-hand with Inc. – providing care for the life of the building.


Daniela Jardino